This booking is for sole use of the Barn and Gardens on the stated date.  It is for a minimum of 50 adult guests (minimum of 75 adult guests on Saturdays during March, April and October and Bank Holiday Sundays and a minimum of 100 adult guests on Saturdays May to September and Saturdays in December. Where government guidelines stipulate a smaller maximum number this will then be the minimum number) for a Wedding party at a catering charge of £48 - £64 per head dependent on your menu choices and number of guests.  This may or may not be followed by an evening party as preferred.


Our payment terms are a deposit of £1000 and £50 for the DJ, if required, to reserve your date with the balance of the Barn Hire and 50% of the estimated food and drinks cost payable six months before your date. The remaining balance of the estimated cost is payable two weeks in advance of your date with any remaining balance payable two weeks after.  Final numbers are required one week before your date.


Cancellation by Notley Tythe Barn

Unless we cancel your booking because you have seriously breached the terms of your Agreement, or due to an Unexpected Event (please see Booking Term 3) we will refund all payments made by you.

Date of Client Cancellation
Costs Retained
Any time before event date
Less than 6 months before event date
Balance of the barn hire & 50% of estimated food and drinks cost.
2 Weeks before event date
Balance of the food and drinks and any other outstanding amounts.

Cancellation by You (the Client)

2.1 If you wish to cancel your Booking, for whatever reason, you must contact us in writing (which can be by email).  Unless we agree otherwise with you, your cancellation will be effective from the date that we receive your request to cancel.

2.2We will treat each written notice to cancel that we received from you (even if from only one of you) as being communicated jointly for and on behalf of all Client(s) name on the Booking and Contract Agreement.

2.3If you cancel your booking, you agree that the payment terms set out in the Payment Terms table above apply.  All monies once paid are non refundable.

Unexpected Events

3.1An Unexpected Event (otherwise known as a ‘force majeure event’) means a cause or circumstance not within our reasonable control (as listed below) which effects the performance of our obligations under our Agreement.

3.2If we are delayed, hindered or prevented from providing our venue and / or performing any of the services, due to an unexpected event, we will take reasonable steps to minimise the impact of such unexpected event.  
Please Note: We will not be in breach of our obligations to you under our agreement to the extent we are delayed, hindered or prevented from doing so to you due to the unexpected event.

3.3If an unexpected event occurs, we will discuss, with you, our proposed steps to minimise the impact and the options.  These options will differ on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature of your booking and impact of the unexpected event.

3.4We will offer a new date, like for like, where available, at no financial impact to yourselves and will move all monies paid by you to the new agreed date.  This date will become your new contracted date.

3.5If your Booking is cancelled as a direct result of an Unexpected Event, you will be entitled to a return of monies paid under our Agreement less:

Please Note:When calculating our reasonable expenses incurred in relation to your booking we may include our overhead expenses relevant to our booked venue use and services (staffing and maintenance cost to prepare the venue for and provide services associated with your booking). We will make every effort to calculate our retained costs as quickly as possible and will also deduct any costs we are able to mitigate.

3.6Upon your cancellation of your Booking, due to an Unexpected Event, we will refund the balance to you within 14 days of our confirming our total retained costs if you do not wish to postpone to a new agreed date.